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This Repo. is created for testing puposes


  1. Gijeli Docker Repo.
  2. Gijeli GitHub Repo.(Docker Image Context Files)
  3. Pinside Repo.(Pinside Markdown Pages)

###Project Pinside
As a project Pinside and praqma/gijeli docker container are two independent and different things

  • Pinside is a plain git repository with markdown files based on our knowlegde to be rendered into nice webpages
  • Praqma/gijeli is a docker image we have developed to serve jekyll websites(markdown files mentioned above), offers git, ruby and ligquid tool support

###Pinside Contents
You may Add or Edit the contents of Pinside by:

While adding a new markdown file in any _ post folder placed inside the folder of your concern, follow the jekyll naming convention


###Spining up Pinside
Two approaches can be adopted to render Pinside pages:

  • Install jekyll on your local machine and serve the pages
  • Install docker and run Praqma/gijeli docker image Recommended

###Gijeli Usage
You can render your jekyll website from \<site-source> by using the following command:

docker run --rm -v <site-source>:/data -p <port>:4000 praqma/gijeli:<version-number> serve --watch --force_polling -H

Available is a test script for running gijeli server image.

The \<site-source> is the directory on the Docker host with the source for the site. The site can be view as html on http://\<host-ip>:\<port>


  • Praqma/gijeli docker image is maintained by Praqma, you can request features and support on

  • Our knowledgebase project in Praqma is maintained in a Trello board, discuss and do feature requests there

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