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Use this devpi container to speed up the `pip install` parts of your docker builds
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This repository contains a Dockerfile for devpi pypi server.

You can use this container to speed up the pip install parts of your docker builds. This is done by adding an optional cache of your requirement python packages and speed up docker. The outcome is faster development without breaking builds.

Getting started


docker pull wassname/docker-devpi


Start using

docker run -d --name devpi \
    --publish 3141:3141 \
    --volume /srv/docker/devpi:/data \
    --env=DEVPI_PASSWORD=changemetoyourlongsecret \
    --restart always \

Please set DEVPI_PASSWORD to a secret otherwise an attacker can execute arbitrary code in your application by uploading modified packages.

Alternatively, you can use the sample docker-compose.yml file to start the container using Docker Compose

Client side usage

To use this devpi cache to speed up your dockerfile builds, add use the code below in your dockerfiles. This will add the devpi container an optional cache for pip. The docker containers will try using port 3141 on the docker host first and fall back on the normal pypi servers without breaking the build.

# Install netcat for ip route
RUN apt-get update \
 && apt-get install -y netcat \
 && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

 # Use an optional pip cache to speed development
RUN export HOST_IP=$(ip route| awk '/^default/ {print $3}') \
 && mkdir -p ~/.pip \
 && echo [global] >> ~/.pip/pip.conf \
 && echo extra-index-url = http://$HOST_IP:3141/root/public/+simple >> ~/.pip/pip.conf \
 && echo [install] >> ~/.pip/pip.conf \
 && echo trusted-host = $HOST_IP >> ~/.pip/pip.conf \
 && cat ~/.pip/pip.conf

Uploading python packages files

You need to upload your python requirement to get any benefit from the devpi container. You can upload them using the bash code below a similar build environment.

pip wheel --download=packages --wheel-dir=wheelhouse -r requirements.txt
pip install "devpi-client>=2.3.0" \
&& export HOST_IP=$(ip route| awk '/^default/ {print $3}') \
&& if devpi use http://$HOST_IP:3141>/dev/null; then \
       devpi use http://$HOST_IP:3141/root/public --set-cfg \
    && devpi login root --password=$DEVPI_PASSWORD  \
    && devpi upload --from-dir --formats=* ./wheelhouse ./packages; \
else \
    echo No started devpi container found at http://$HOST_IP:3141; \


For devpi to preserve its state across container shutdown and startup you should mount a volume at /data. The quickstart command already includes this.


Devpi creates a user named root by default, its password should be set with DEVPI_PASSWORD environment variable. Please set it, otherwise attackers can execute arbitrary code in your application by uploading modified packages.

For additional security the argument --restrict-modify root has been added so only the root may create users and indexes.

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