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A container image based on Kubernetes Heapster that emits Kubernetes metrics to Wavefront
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This container image can be used exactly like the K8s Heapster image. To have metrics sent to Wavefront, specify the Wavefront storage driver and the address of your Wavefront Proxy in the Heapster run command:

        - /heapster
        - --source=kubernetes:https://kubernetes.default
        - --sink=wavefront:your_proxy_address:2878

The driver also supports options for setting the cluster name and/or metric prefix. By default clusterName and prefix are set to "k8s-cluster" and "heapster".

  • clusterName is used as the source tag in Wavefront for cluster level metrics.
  • prefix is added to each metric that Heapster emits.



See our Knowledge base for a step by step guide and example .yaml files to fully integrate Kuberentes and Wavefront.

heapster.yml Example

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