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Apache 2.4.25, PHP 5.6.30, and mod_fcgid-2.3.9
Full Description

This image exposes the following ports: 80 and 443 (for HTTPS)

The following volumes are available:

  • /var/www -- This image uses /var/www/html as the DocumentRoot by default
  • /var/opt/apache -- /var/opt/apache/logs are for the logs and /var/opt/apache/run are for run variables such as sockets and PID file (Note: For Docker on Windows, do not mount /var/opt/apache/run to the host.)
  • /var/opt/php -- PHP logs and error logs
  • /etc/opt/apache -- Apache httpd configuration
  • /etc/php5 -- PHP5 configuration

As an example, to run the image:

docker run --name apache-httpd -p 8080:80 -v some_directory/var/www:/var/www -v some_directory/var/opt/apache/logs:/var/opt/apache/logs ajdevera/apache-httpd-php5 [some_httpd_options]

For httpd_options:

  • "-D FCGID_M" -- Use mod_fcgid for PHP5
  • "-D STATUS_M" -- To enable status page for Apache httpd (http://serverfqdn/web-status)
  • "-D INFO_M" -- To enable info page for Apache httpd (http://serverfqdn/web-info)
  • "-D PROXY_M" -- To enable proxy_module
  • "-D PROXY_FCGI_M" -- To enable proxy_fcgi_module (must enable proxy_module as well)
  • "-D SSL" -- To enable SSL/TLS (mod_ssl)
  • "-D PHP5_M" -- To enable mod_php5 (might as well turn off FCGID_M)

Apache httpd runs as User/group "apache/apache". This image is based on CentOS 7:latest.

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