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Tim’s PackageServer

Tim’s PackageServer is a lightweight, node.js based package server for WoltLab Community Framework.

How to use?

  1. Install the dependencies:

     $ npm install
  2. Start the package server:

     $ npm start
  3. Create a folder named the same as the package identifier in packages:

     $ mkdir packages/com.example.wcf.package
  4. Drop the built archive named the same as the version number into the package folder:

     $ cp com.example.wcf.package.tar packages/com.example.wcf.package/1.0.0.tar
  5. Open the package server in the browser, your package should appear.


The grammar for valid version checks can be found in versionComparator.jison.


Tim’s PackageServer is configured using rc. The
following configuration options are available:

Name Default Value Explanation
port 9001 The port to bind to
ip '' The ip to bind to
packageFolder __dirname + "/packages/" The folder the packages are searched in
enableStatistics true Whether to enable download counters
enableHash true Whether to provide a SHA-256 hash of every version
deterministic false Hides per request statistics
ssl false Whether to advertise SSL support


Tim’s PackageServer uses the debug package to output
debug information. You can access it by setting the environment variable DEBUG to PackageServer:*.


For licensing information refer to the LICENSE file in this folder.

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