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Package manager automated build.
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Package Man

A simple asynchronous and ephemeral package dependency management system.

Instructions for setup


Start by setting up a machine to host the docker daemon. Digital Ocean has a
quick and inexpensive method for this.

  1. Login or register an account with Digital Ocean
  2. Navigate to Docker app droplet creation page
  3. Select the 'Docker' image
  4. Etc...

After deploying the docker-ready ubuntu image from Digital Ocean SSH in to the
new machine.

# Fetch this source code
export ROOT_DIR=$HOME/src
mkdir -p $ROOT_DIR
git clone
cd $ROOT_DIR/package-man

# Build the image
apt-get install -y make
make image

# Run the unit tests
make test

# Run the server
make run-pkgman

# To run the stress tests
cd $ROOT_DIR/package-man/package_contents
./do-package-tree_linux -concurrency 100


If you are on a Mac, and you'd like to be able to virtualize your docker daemon
machine inside of your Mac, Oracle VirtualBox is a good option. It's free and
easy to install.

Notes on using VirtualBox:

  1. Install docker directly on your mac to allow easy access to the docker
    daemon running inside the VirtualBox. (Docker supports remote management.)
    brew install docker docker-machine
  2. Install from
  3. docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default
  4. Setup port forwarding in VirtualBox (from this page)
    make vbox-manage
  5. To connect your local docker CLI with your docker machine, in every shell
    where you intend to run docker, execute eval $(docker-machine env default)
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