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Short Description
Web API wrapper to Dropbox's zxcvbn library.
Full Description

Web API built with Node and Express. It wraps
Dropbpx's zxcvbn library just in case
you need to verify a password's strength on both the client and server
with a guarantee of the same result from both.

Environmental config

Node.js must be installed.

Optionally, Docker and/or

Initial app config

npm install


npm test

Starting app

For normal people

npm start

npm run start:dev for automatic node restart when code changes.

For studs

npm run docker:start

Available API's

POST is required for security reasons. Think of the call as a request
to create a strength estimation. API assumes SSL protocol.

POST /zxcvbn

Request body

    "password": "horsebatterystaple"


zxcvbn result described here

POST /zxcvbn/score

Request body

    "password": "horsebatterystaple"


    "score": [0-4]


curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"password":"asdfghgfd"}' http://localhost:3000/zxcvbn/score

Stopping app

Ctrl-c if started with npm start or npm run start:dev

npm run docker:stop if started with npm run docker:start

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