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Zabbix Web interface for the wdijkerman/zabbix-server container.
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This docker container only contains the Zabbix Web package. This container can be used next to the wdijkerman/zabbix-server container.



Current version: 3.0

Install the container

Just run the following command to download the container:

docker pull wdijkerman/zabbix-web

Using the container

Basic usage of the container:

docker run  -p 10051:10051 --name zabbix-web \
            -e \
            -e ZBXSERVERNAME=vserver-151 \
            -e ZBXSERVER= \
            -e DBHOST= -e DBUSER=zabbix \
            -e DBPASSWORD="zabbix-pass" \
            -e DBPORT=3306 -e DBNAME=zabbix wdijkerman/zabbix-web

You'll have to pass environment parameters to the container.

Variable Description
ZABBIXURL The FQDN on which the web interface is available.
ZBXSERVERNAME The name of the Zabbix server.
ZBXSERVER The ip or FQDN to the zabbix-server instance.
DBHOST The host on which the database is running.
DBUSER The username to use for accassing the MySQL database
DBPASSWORD The password for the DBUSER.
DBPORT The port on which MySQL is running. Default: 3306
DBNAME The name of the database. Default: zabbix


The MIT License (MIT)

See file: License


Please report issues at

Pull Requests are welcome!

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