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GoCD server on Alpine with support of Confd
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This image permit run GoCD Server.

How use it

The best if you use rancher, it's to add my following rancher catalog: with the branch master.
Then create GoCD stack from catalog.

Else, you need to GoCD manually.

docker run -d --name gocd-server \
  -v $PWD/data/gocd-server:/data \
  -p 8153:8153 \

Or use docker-compose:

docker-compose up


If your git or another versionning tools use https with private PKI, you need to mount your CA certificat in /usr/local/share/ca-certificates.



The Minio setting is managed by Confd. So you can custom it:

  • CONFD_BACKEND: The Confd backend that you should use. Default is env.
  • CONFD_NODES: The array of Confd URL to contact the backend. No default value.
  • CONFD_PREFIX_KEY: The Confd prefix key. Default is /gocd

GoCD Server

The following parameters permit to config GoCD server:

  • GOCD_CONFIG_workdir: The directory where GoCD store data. Default is /data.
  • GOCD_CONFIG_configdir: The directory where GoCD store config. Default is /data/config\.
  • GOCD_CONFIG_logfile: The file where GoCD logs stdout. Default is /data/logs/gocd-server.log.
  • GOCD_CONFIG_memory: The max memory allowed to JVM.
  • GOCD_CONFIG_agentkey: The key to use for auot registration by agent.

The following parameters permit to add plugins on GoCD server:

  • GOCD_PLUGIN_NAME = URL:: It will download the plugin on /data/plugin/external.
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