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FreeSWITCH image
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FreeSWITCH docker image

  • Current version is 1.6.19

Default FreeSWITCH image

To run default FreeSWITCH with vanilla config, default music on hold and english sound files, just type:

docker run -d -t --name=FS --net="host" webitel/freeswitch-base:vanilla

FreeSWITCH client

docker run -i --rm --net="host" -t webitel/freeswitch-base:vanilla fs_cli

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 1.13 and newest.

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If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact us through a Webitel JIRA.

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Comments (7)
6 months ago

Image was updated - please, try new one.

6 months ago

I get this error when I startup:

MacBook-Pro-6:~ dhorton$ docker run -ti --name=FS --net="host" webitel/freeswitch-base:vanilla
/ line 18: ulimit: pending signals: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted
2 years ago

You must use vanilla tag for fs_cli

2 years ago

the container responds me that he cannot start fs_cli because it is not found in $PATH. What todo?

2 years ago

If you get the error that you can't attach the container when trying to run the cli command. Then use this to run.

docker run -i –rm –net=“host” -t webitel/freeswitch-base:vanilla fs_cli
2 years ago

You can't attache this container. Please, run fs_cli:

docker run -i --rm --net="host" -t webitel/freeswitch-base:vanilla fs_cli

2 years ago

I can't attach to running container, when I run this command It's wait for ever!
docker attach FS