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SilverStripe docker lamp with sspak and composer on board.
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Silverstripe lamp docker setup based on but without node/ruby part.

Stack built with:

  • Debian Jessie - with backports repo
  • MariaDB
  • PHP5, PHPUnit, Composer, Phing

Project structure

   Project root
   /         \
utils          public
  |                 \
remote.sspak.phar      Silverstripe files

Add /utils folder to project root with remote.sspak.phar file for auto generating db and assets.


Run from "Project root" directory (port 3000, name "PROJECT") and visit http://localhost:3000 in browser

docker run -dP -p 3000:80 -v $(pwd):/var/www --name PROJECT webmaxsk/silverstripe-docker

If you have some big remote.sspak.phar, docker will create container, but is not ready yet. Check if is everything ready:

docker logs PROJECT

Manually load remote sspak (remote.sspak.phar)

docker exec -it PROJECT mysspak load remote

Manually save local sspak (will be stored in utils folder as local.sspak.phar)

docker exec -it PROJECT mysspak save local

Composer usage

docker exec -it PROJECT mycomposer parameter

Login to container and execute custom script

docker exec -it PROJECT bash

Create custom version

Clone this repository to "Project root", customize and run command bellow. It will create image with name "sslamp". You can use your customized version when running new containers, just change "webmaxsk/silverstripe-docker" with "sslamp" in run command above.

docker build -t sslamp .


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