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Run karma and protractor tests under chrome on a CI server
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alpine headless:
debian headless:

Karma and Protractor with Chromium in a docker container

This image allows to run javascript tests in a headless machine like a CI server.

This image support karma and protractor test under chromium.

Unfortunately, chromium doesn't support container (, you need to start chromium with --no-sandbox argument to avoid this.


in a shell

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/app -w /app -it weboaks/node-karma-protractor-chrome:alpine sh

in gitlab ci

job name:
  image: weboaks/node-karma-protractor-chrome:alpine


To configure karma and protractor, use this snippets:


browsers: ['Chromium_no_sandbox'],
customLaunchers: {
  Chromium_no_sandbox: {
    base: 'ChromiumHeadless',
    flags: ['--no-sandbox']

ChromiumHeadless is available since karma-chrome-launcher@2.2.0, on previous versions use:

base: 'Chromium',
flags: ['--no-sandbox', '--headless', '--disable-gpu', '--remote-debugging-port=9222']


capabilities: {
  'browserName': 'chrome',
  'chromeOptions': {
    'args': ['no-sandbox', 'headless', 'disable-gpu']


headless mode

Chromium recently added headless support.
If you want to use headless mode use the version and follow instructions in this readme.

If you don't want to use the headless mode, use

and follow instructions in that readme

alpine headless

To use alpine instead of debian, follow headless instructions and add this to protractor config :

chromeDriver: '/usr/bin/chromedriver',

node versions

and use the latest LTS node.

Others debian headless node versions are avalaible via the debian-node6 debian-node8 debian-node9 tags.

Others alpine headless node versions are avalaible via the alpine-node6 alpine-node8 alpine-node9 tags.

root versions

debian* and alpine* have no root access, if you need root access use debian-root, alpine-root, or xvfb

pinned tags

headless, alpine, debian-node* and alpine-node* are automated build, rebuild each time a commit is pushed to this repo and each time an image is pushed to official node image. These tags are always up to date, but can break builds with a new node version or a new chromium versions.

debian-<commit-hash> and alpine-<commit-hash> tags are available to target a specific commit, they are never rebuilt and will have the same node and chromium version forever.

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