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Docker image for Beanstalkd
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Beanstalkd Docker image

Docker image for Beanstalkd.


The following command will start a beanstalkd container in the foreground:

$ docker run --rm webplates/beanstalkd

Locally you very likely want to run it as a daemon:

$ docker run -d --name beanstalkd -p 11300:11300 webplates/beanstalkd

Beanstalk Console

There is a great application called Beanstalk Console
which runs perfectly in a Docker container
and can be used with the setup above:

$ docker run -d --name beanstalk_console -p 80:80 --link beanstalkd -e BEANSTALKD_HOST=beanstalkd -e BEANSTALKD_PORT=11300 agaveapi/beanstalk_console

Note: You might want to choose another local port instead of 80.


The following environment variables can be used for configuration:

  • BEANSTALK_DIR (value: text): wal directory
  • BEANSTALK_FSYNC (value: number): fsync at most once every MS milliseconds
  • BEANSTALK_MAX_JOB_SIZE (value: number): set the maximum job size in bytes
  • BEANSTALK_MAX_WAL_SIZE (value: number): set the size of each wal file
  • BEANSTALK_NO_COMPACT (value: true): do not compact the binlog
  • BEANSTALK_VERBOSE (value: true): increase verbosity


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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