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Codestyle validator and fixer for for PHP, Python, JS, HTML and CSS.
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Codestyle checker

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This script checks and auto fixes codestyle for all supported languages:

  1. PHP (phpcs)
  2. Python (flake8)
  3. Javascript (jscs and jshint)
  4. CSS (csscomb)
  5. HTML (htmlcs)



# First install the pip, npm and pear package managers
# Example for debian
sudo apt-get install python-pip npm php-pear

# Install codestyle and dependencies
pip install codestyle
npm install -g jshint jscs-fixer csscomb htmlcs walk brace-expansion
pear install PHP_CodeSniffer



usage: codestyle [-h] [-I] [-i] [-c] [-s standard-dir] [-l language name]
[-e glob pattern [glob pattern ...]]
target [target ...]

Check and fix a code style

positional arguments:
target files for a checking

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i, --fix auto fix codestyle errors if possible
-c, --compact Show a compact output
-s standard-dir, --standard standard-dir
A path to a coding standard directory
-l language name, --language language name
force set the language for a checking
-x glob pattern [glob pattern ...], --exclude glob pattern [glob pattern ...]
Exclude paths/files from checking



# check all supported files in directory recursive
codestyle /path/to/project/dir
# check set of files
codestyle test.js test.php
# test directory with exclude rules
codestyle /path -x '*.html' './tests/excluded_dir'
# check file and try to fix errors
codestyle -i test.js
# check project with compact output (no detail errors information)
codestyle -c /path/to/project/dir
# check all project and save full report to file
codestyle /path/to/project &> report.txt


  1. phpcs
  2. phpcbf
  3. jshint (NodeJS)
  4. jscs-fixer (NodeJS)
  5. jscs (NodeJS)
  6. flake8
  7. csscomb (NodeJS)
  8. htmlcs >= 0.1.4 (NodeJS)
  9. walk (NodeJS)
  10. brace-expansion (NodeJS)

Usage from the docker container

Also you can use the docker container <>_
with all installed dependencies.

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