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PhoneGap ( image
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PhoneGap Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of PhoneGap for Docker's build published to the public Docker Hub.


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Pull the image

    • docker pull webratio/phonegap
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:3.5.0
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:3.5.0-0.21.18
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:3.6.0
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:3.6.0-0.21.19
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:3.6.3
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:3.6.3-0.22.7
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:4.0.0
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:4.0.0-0.22.7
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:4.1.2
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:4.1.2-0.22.12
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:4.2.0
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:4.2.0-0.24.2
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:6.0.3
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:6.1.0
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:6.2.0
    • docker pull webratio/phonegap:6.2.2


Run phonegap create

docker run -v <application-parent-dir>:/data webratio/phonegap phonegap create <application-name>

Run phonegap serve

docker run -d -p <port>:3000 -v <application-dir>:/data webratio/phonegap phonegap serve -p 3000

Run phonegap build android

docker run -v <application-dir>:/data webratio/phonegap phonegap build android
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Comments (4)
10 months ago

Is is possible to build from within the container? If so, could you add instructions as well please? Also, do we need to build for every change we make?
Many thanks

2 years ago

Wonderful. Thank you very much for the effort on this project :)

2 years ago

unable to resolve a issue of no such file or directory

3 years ago

greatly appreciated. no more java and android sdk installation headaches