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Webtrends - Infinity Data Connector
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Introducing the Infinity Data Connector

Built on the Webtrends Infinity™ platform, the Infinity Data Connector integrates visitor-level analytics data into on premise customer data warehouses or big data initiatives — securely and in near real time. This includes all raw event, session and visitor details enriched with geo and mobile device attributes.

Benefits include:

  • All collected data is available for transfer immediately so you can integrate the most recent web behavior data with your customer profile
  • Visitor-level records are transferred so that an individual’s online behaviors can be connected with his/her offline behaviors
  • All data is encrypted for transfer to ensure data is secure between Webtrends and your on premise environment
  • Large amounts of data are transferred quickly due to the power of the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Monitoring and restart services provide fault tolerance and ensure all data is delivered successfully

To learn more about the Webtrends Infinity Data Connector visit: or please contact for more information.

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