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Minimal mailhog images
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Configuring MailHog

You can configure MailHog using command line options or environment variables:

Environment Command line Default Description
MH_CORS_ORIGIN -cors-origin If set, a Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is returned for API endpoints
MH_HOSTNAME -hostname mailhog.example Hostname to use for EHLO/HELO and message IDs
MH_API_BIND_ADDR -api-bind-addr Interface and port for HTTP API server to bind to
MH_UI_BIND_ADDR -ui-bind-addr Interface and port for HTTP UI server to bind to
MH_MAILDIR_PATH -maildir-path Maildir path (for maildir storage backend)
MH_MONGO_COLLECTION -mongo-coll messages MongoDB collection name for message storage
MH_MONGO_DB -mongo-db mailhog MongoDB database name for message storage
MH_MONGO_URI -mongo-uri MongoDB host and port
MH_SMTP_BIND_ADDR -smtp-bind-addr Interface and port for SMTP server to bind to
MH_STORAGE -storage memory Set message storage: memory / mongodb / maildir
MH_OUTGOING_SMTP -outgoing-smtp JSON file defining outgoing SMTP servers
MH_UI_WEB_PATH -ui-web-path WebPath under which the ui is served (without leading or trailing slahes), e.g. 'mailhog'
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