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Opinionated rancher active load balancer with route53 integration
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This Docker image provides an activelb tied to an external AWS ELB. All services
within the Rancher environment that have exposed ports, will be added to the load balancer service
which will listen on a configured port. It will also add a CNAME record to Route53 to point the
configured server names for the service to the AWS ELB instance.

Environment Variables

  • ELB_NAME - The alias of the ELB instance to point the CNAME to
  • ROOT_DOMAIN - The hosted domain to add the entries. Also used to generate default names.
  • ZONE_ID - Route53 zone id
  • VISIBILITY - Load balancer visibility. Options are public|private, default is private. When set to public
               the lb only looks for services with the `io.rancher_activelb.visibility` label set to `public` or `both`.
  • COMMAND - sync_lb_conf or sync_dns, you will need a service for each


  • io.rancher_activelb.visibility
  • io.rancher_activelb.server_names - used to override the default server_name of {service_name}.{stack_name}.{root_domain}.
    Also, if you attach :port to the server_name, it will be mapped to that port on the container. This is helpful if you
    have multiple ports exposed on the container, otherwise the service will only route to the first port defined.
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