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Selenium WebDriver Python implementation
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This is a Docker container combined with a few utility functions to simplify writing Selenium tests in Python.
It uses Firefox as the driver. Dockerfile.

Run example code

The example test querys the keyword "test" at and print the first search result to stdout:

$ docker run weihan/webdriver-python

To export screenshots to the ./shots folder on the host computer:

$ docker run -v $PWD/shots:/sreenshots aerofs/webdriver-python

Write tests

Check out this document for Selenium's concepts and operations.

To write new tests, you can either bind mount your python files to the container or create a new Docker image and copy files into the image.
The example code is located at / in the container. You may overwrite this file or place your files at different locations. For the latter,
run the container as follows:

$ docker run weihan/webdriver-python python -u /path/to/your/python/code

At the beginning of your code, call webdriver_util.init() to set up the
environment and retrieve a few utility objects. Screenshots will be saved at the container's "/screenshots" folder.
You may use bind mount to export them to the host.

from webdriver_util import init
driver, wait, selector = init()

driver is the Selenium WebDriver object

wait is a convenience wrapper around WebDriverWait. Every call to wait.until*() methods produce useful console output and a screenshot at the end of the wait.
You can also use wait.shoot() at any time to save a screenshot.

selector provides shortcuts to WebDriver.find_element_by_css_selector(). It restricts element selection to using CSS selectors only.

See example code for the usage of these objects.


Use the RESOLUTION environmental variable to customize screen size and depth. The default is "1024x768x24".
For example:

docker run -e RESOLUTION=1920x1600x24 weihan/webdriver-python

Build from source

Check out this GitHub repository and run this command in the repository's root folder:

$ docker build -t aerofs/webdriver-python .
Docker Pull Command
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