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Docker base image for static sites generated with Hugo
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weldpua2008/hugo is a Docker image for static sites generated with Hugo - a fast and modern static website engine. It can either be used to run arbitrary Hugo commands for your project or as a base image for your custom container.

The default entrypoint runs the plain hugocommand. Via command parameters the command which should be used to run Hugo can be selected and parameterized. For example running docker run ... fbrx/hugo server -D -F will result in running hugo server -D -F inside the container.

Environment Variables

  • HUGO_THEME theme to use
  • HUGO_WATCH (set to any value to enable watching)
  • HUGO_BASEURL hostname (and path) to the root, e.g.
  • HUGO_BIND_ADDRESS Allows access to the served site from this address (By default: is open to all)


    To print Hugo Help:
docker run --rm -it weldpua2008/hugo hugo help


The image is based on the following directory structure:

├── Dockerfile
└── site
    ├── config.toml
    ├── content
    │   └── ...
    ├── layouts
    │   └── ...
    └── static
    └── ...

In other words, your Hugo site resides in the site directory, and you have a simple Dockerfile:

FROM weldpua2008/hugo 

Building your site

Based on this structure, you can easily build an image for your site:

Example Dockerfile:
FROM weldpua2008/hugo:latest
RUN echo "my image"

docker build -t my/image .

Your site is automatically generated during this build.

Using your site

There are two options for using the image you generated:

  • as a stand-alone image
  • as a volume image for your webserver

Using your image as a stand-alone image is the easiest:

docker run -p 8080:1313 my/image

This will automatically start hugo server, and your blog is now available on http://localhost:8080.

If you are using boot2docker, you need to adjust the base URL:

docker run -p 1313:1313 -e HUGO_BASE_URL=http://YOUR_DOCKER_IP:1313 my/image

Theis image is also suitable for use as a volume image for a web server, such as hugo

docker run -d -v /usr/share/nginx/html --name site-data my/image
docker run -d --volumes-from site-data --name site-server -p 80:1313 weldpua2008/hugo

Example site

Please use the example option for the image to test Hugo:

    docker run -d --name site-server my/image example
    curl $(docker inspect -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' site-server):1313

Create a site with Hugo

hugo new theme site -s /site
hugo new site /site


If you have any problems with or questions about this docker image, please contact me through a GitHub issue.
If the issue is related to Hugo itself, please leave an issue on the Hugo official repository.


You are invited to contribute new features, fixes or updates to this container, through a Github Pull Request.

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