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Net-SNMP with a generic trap receiver
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These are base docker images that include net-snmp.


base image with Net-SNMP binaries installed. By default the image starts a generic trap receiver (which dumps what it receives into /trap.log) for testing, but it willl accept any SNMP command.


Standard generic receiver:

docker run -d --name trap_sink weldpua2008/net-snmp
docker-enter trap_sink cat trap.log

Sending a test trap

docker run --rm=true elcolio/net-snmp snmptrap -v 1 -c public $DESTINATION_IP . "" 0 0 coldStart.0

Can be combined with Samplicator for a local-logging trap proxy.


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This is currently a work in progress, I am not responsible and shall not
be held responsible in any manner if this tool causes loss of data, hardware
faults, act of gods, invocation of old or ancient ones, elder gods and other
horrors from the depths.


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