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Docker image for LOVD server
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Docker image for LOVD server

Leiden Open Variation Database (LOVD) provides a flexible, freely available tool for Gene-centered collection and display of DNA variations.
LOVD version 3.0 extends this idea to also provide patient-centered data storage and storage of NGS data, even of variants outside of genes.

This Docker image provides stable LOVD installation with Apache 2 web server, PHP.
Database management system (such as MySQL) should be in another Docker container.
The docker-compose tool helps deploying all required container (see docker-compose.yml file).

Installing docker-compose

sudo pip install --upgrade pip
sudo pip install docker-compose

Runing image

Edit docker-compose.yml before.
It will work with no modification for testing purpose.

For db container:

  • MYSQL_DATABASE name of database for LOVD
  • MYSQL_USER user for LOVD
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD password for LOVD MySQL user

For lovd container:

  • LOVD_DB_NAME user for LOVD (same of MYSQL_USER)
  • LOVD_DB_PASSWORD password for LOVD MySql user (same of MYSQL_PASSWORD)
  • LOVD_DB_NAME name of database for LOVD (same of MYSQL_DATABASE)
  • LOVD_TABLE_PREFIX prefix of LOVD tables (default is lovd)
  • LOVD_BASEDIR accept access to LOVD via custom base URL for multiple sites

The MYSQL_USER and MYSQL_PASSWORD are defined in .env file.
This file should be owned by root user wihout access by others.

docker-compose up -d

Stop containers

docker-compose down

Database will still avaibable at db_data volume.
To stop containers and delete volumes run.

docker-compose down --volumes

Building image

git clone
cd docker-lovd
docker image build --tag welliton/lovd .
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