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Lightweight qBittorrent-NoX (i.e. headless) torrent client and one of the most feature complete
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What is qBittorrent?

qBittorrent NoX is the headless with remote web interface version of qBittorrent BitTorrent client.

How to use this image

This image is:

  • Small: :latest is based on official Alpine Docker image.
  • Simple: Exposes correct ports, configured for remote access...
  • Secure: Runs as non-root user with random UID/GID 520, and handles correctly PID 1 (using dumb-init).


All mounts and ports are optional and qBittorrent will work even with only:

$ docker run wernight/qbittorrent

... however that way some ports used to connect to peers are not exposed, accessing the
web interface requires you to proxy port 8080, and all settings as well as downloads will
be lost if the container is removed. So start it using this command:

$ mkdir -p config torrents downloads
$ docker run -d --user $UID:$GID \
    -p 8080:8080 -p 6881:6881/tcp -p 6881:6881/udp \
    -v $PWD/config:/config \
    -v $PWD/torrents:/torrents \
    -v $PWD/downloads:/downloads \

... to run as yourself and have WebUI running on http://localhost:8080
(username: admin, password: adminadmin) with config in the following locations mounted:

  • /config: qBittorrent configuration files
  • /torrents: Torrent files
  • /downloads: Download location

Note: By default it runs as UID 520 and GID 520, but can run as any user/group.

It is probably a good idea to add --restart=always so the container restarts if it goes down.

You can change 6081 to some random port number (also change in the settings).

Note: For the container to run, the legal notice had to be automatically accepted. By running the container, you are accepting its terms. Toggle the flag in qBittorrent.conf to display the notice again.

Note: 520 was chosen randomly to prevent running as root or as another known user on your system; at least until issue #11253 is fixed.

Image Variants


Latest release of qBittorrent (No X) compiled on Alpine Linux from source code.


Those are tagged versions built from source code. Older versions are based on Debian while newer ones are based on Alpine Linux (just like :latest).


Works like :latest but based on Debian using only the package manager to install it. It's more tested, by Debian and package manager, but the image is larger than the one based on Alpine and it's an older version.

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