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An executable tool to write better gherkin scenarios
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A command line tool that will help us to write better Gherkin scenarios.


The purpose of this project is mainly helping people to write Gherkin scenarios correctly.

Getting Started

Installing with Brew

brew tap wesovilabs/gherkinize
brew install gherkinize

Once the software is installed we can make use of it.

gherkinize --help / gherkinize -h

It displays the menu.

gherkinize --version / gherkinize -v

It displays the current software version.

gherkinize --input [scenarios_dir] --config [gherkin-rules.toml] validate

It validates our scenarios. Both arguments input and config are required.

  • input: it must point to a directory that contains the scenarios to be validated. (So far it only supports directories path)
  • config: it is a toml configuration file path that must look like below. You can download this and
    modify the values at your convenience.

Running as a Docker container

In case of you prefer run gherkinize with a Docker container you can do it by running the below command

    docker run \
    -v <PATH_TO_SCENARIOS_DIR>:/var/gherkinize/scenarios \
    -it wesovilabs/gherkinize \
    /app/dist/gherkinize -i /var/gherkinize/scenarios  -c /var/gherkinize/config/<RULES_CONFIGURATION_FILE_TOML> validate

For example:

    docker run \
    -v /Users/Ivan/Sandbox/WesoviLabs/GO_WORKSPACE/src/ \
    -v /Users/Ivan/Sandbox/WesoviLabs/GO_WORKSPACE/src/ \
    -it wesovilabs/gherkinize \
    /app/dist/gherkinize -i /var/gherkinize/scenarios  -c /var/gherkinize/config/gherkin-rules.toml validate

Gherkin rules configuration file

max_steps_per_scenario: It determines the maximum number of steps per scenario. Many steps could make our scenarios not easy-to-read

max_len_step: Max len for steps. Steps with long text are usually hard to understand.

empty_feature: Set false if you don't want to allow empty features without scenarios.

empty_scenario: Set false if you don't want to allow empty scenarios without steps.

strict: This checks the below conditions:

  • The first step must be GIVEN

  • The keyword GIVEN can be only used once.

  • WHEN can only be used after GIVEN statements

  • THEN statement can only be used after WHEN statements


Assuming you make use of default configuration file and have a directory with somce sceanarios.

For example, if you checkout this repository and run the below command:

gherkinize -i testdata/scenarios/ -c config/gherkin-rules.toml  validate

the output will be the following:


The output will be:


The output will be:


The output will be:


The output will be:


The output will be:


The output will be:


The output will be:

The code

This project is completely developed in Go. Please don't hate me so much if the code contains bad practices since I am just learning about Go coding ;-)

Understanding the project

If you wanna run the project locally I invite you to fork this repository and check it out.


You will find a Makefile in the project root.

  • make clean: Remove compiled files.

  • make test: Run the tests (there's no tests yet... so Sorry!!!)

  • make gherkinize: Build the runnable file.

  • make install: Install locally.

Built With

  • Go - The go programming language


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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