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Docker image to backup/restore your MongoDB to AWS S3
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Docker image to backup/restore your MongoDB to AWS S3.
Builds upon dockup.


This Docker image uses mongodump to create a MongoDB database dump and backup or restore it with dockup.
Please see the dockup repository for extended information on configuration options, for instance on how to configure encryption with GnuPG.

The following MongoDB specific configuration options have been added:

  • MONGODB_HOST - the host/ip of your mongodb database (defaults to mongodb)
  • MONGODB_PORT - the port number of your mongodb database (defaults to 27017)
  • MONGODB_USER - the username of your mongodb database. If MONGODB_USER is empty while MONGODB_PASS is not, the image will use admin as the default username
  • MONGODB_PASS - the password of your mongodb database
  • MONGODB_AUTH_DB - the authentication database to use, if any
  • MONGODB_DB - the database name to dump. If not specified, it will dump all the databases
  • MONGODB_DUMP_EXTRA_OPTS - the extra options to pass to mongodump command

Usually you will link your MongoDB container to the dockup container, if you use mongodb as the link name you don't need to configure the host.

For an example runnning backup and restore, see the ./ script.
Before running it, ensure there is a file test-env.txt with configuration options as in test-env.txt.sample.

The following dockup environment variables should not be overriden if using the specialised MongoDB image:

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