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A lightweight toolkit for local development with Docker
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A lightweight toolkit for local development with

Harpoon is essentially a wrapper around a set of
Docker Compose configurations that
make it easy to run a local/offline development environment for Docker.
It's an ideal choice for those that don't wish to run a full container
management or orchestration platform on their workstation. Harpoon has
been tested with Docker for Mac and
Docker Toolbox on


  • Bash (bash)
  • Make (make)
  • Docker (docker)
  • Docker Compose (docker-compose)

Quick Start

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run cd harpoon && make install
    • On MacOS, you'll be asked for your password
  3. Recommended: Add the harpoon directory to your $PATH. Edit your .bash_profile,
    .bashrc, or .zshrc accordingly.
  4. Optional: Load completion scripts by adding which harpoon > /dev/null && . "$(harpoon initpath)" to your profile.



  • Consul + Traefik tips
  • Test with Linux


  • If you experience an issue and are relatively certain that harpoon is
    the culprit, please report it.
    • Issues requesting support specifically for any of the core or
      supporting services will not be processed.
  • PRs are welcome 🙂
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