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Mopidy in Docker
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Mopidy Docker image

Image for running Mopidy in Docker.
Uses Pulseaudio for audio output.


Frontend extensions

Backend extensions

  • Spotify
  • Spotify tunigo
  • Youtube
  • Soundcloud
  • Scrobbler
  • Tunein
  • Local SQLite

How to use

docker run \
    --name mopidy \
    -e PULSE_SERVER=tcp: \   # Pulseaudio server
    -v $PWD/media:/media:ro \              # Media files
    -v $PWD/data:/var/lib/mopidy \         # Mopidy data and cache
    -v $PWD/mopidy.conf:/mopidyconf \      # Override config (for accounts)
    -p 6600:6600 \                         # Port for MPD
    -p 6680:6680 \                         # Port for the webinterface
    -p 6681:6681 \                         # (Optional) Port for Iris pusher service


To keep the Mopidy data persistent, /var/lib/mopidy should be mounted as a volume. The Mopidy user must have write access to this directory. Set this with chown -R 105 /path/to/data.


To add Spotify, Last.FM etc. accounts, use the /mopidy.conf file. Example:

enabled = true
username =
password =

enabled = true
username =
password =

enabled = true
auth_token =

Local media

To play local media files, mount /media. All meta data will be stored using Mopidy-Local-SQLite. To scan for new media files, run docker exec -it mopidy localscan.

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