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Ilias Configured

This is the image for Ilias with basic configuration (Ilias Settings and MySQL Connection).

Preconfigured MySQL in another container

Run it with a MySQL DB in another docker container:

$ docker-compose up --build --abort-on-container-exit 


  • initializes the database called ilias
  • add a database user ilias-user with my-secret-pw
  • ensures the database is up before the ilias server starts
  • stores the data of the database in the folder ./.data/db

The host:port defined as comma separated string in the WAIT_FOR envrironment variable
are the dependend containers which have to be up and running before the current
container boots. For example WAIT_FOR=mysql-db:3306 wait for the MySQL database to be ready and initialized. WAIT_FOR=other-db:3306,rabbit-mq:3306,postgres:5432 would
wait for these 3 containers to be up.

External MySQL

If you want to run it with an external MySQL DB, do it the following way: docker run -d -p 80:80 whiledo/ilias-configured

If you want your files being saved to disk, mount the /var/www/html/ilias/ of the image as a Volume.
Add --name mydocker -v /var/www/html/ilias/ -v /opt/iliasdata/ when running the image or use the Ilias Prod Image.

Restart the container using docker start mydocker

Initialize DB

Add -e initmysql="yes" to the docker run command to initialize the MySQL Ilias DB.


Add the following Options with -e to docker run to change the configuration (e.g. docker run ... -e mysqlhost="" -e initmysql="yes" ... whiledo/ilias-configured).
The values you see here are the default vaules:

  • httppath="http://localhost"
  • iliaspath="ilias"
  • timezone="Europe/Berlin"
  • clientid="myilias"
  • iliasmasterpassword="secret"

  • mysqlhost=""

  • mysqluser="root"
  • mysqlpassword="my-secret-pw"
  • mysqldbname="ilias"
  • mysqlport="3306"

  • language="de"

  • initmysql="no"

  • initadminfirstname="John"
  • initadminlastname="Doe"
  • initadminemail=""
  • initfeedbackemail=""

Not supported yet

NOT supported yet is

  • Change the Ilias Client ID, it is always "myilias"

Create Dump of Data and Restore

The dump contains MySQL data and Filedata (e.g. User pictures).

Create dump

There are two possibilities:

  • Add -e createdump="yes" -v /home/usernameOfDockerHost:/data/share to docker run. The dump will appear on the host in /home/usernameOfDockerHost/ilias.tar.gz
  • Enter a running container with docker exec -it <conatinerid> /bin/bash and run /data/resources/base/ --target /data/share/ilias.tar.gz
    Leave the container with exit and run docker cp <containerid>:/data/share/ilias.tar.gz /home/usernameOfDockerHost to copy the file to your host.

Restore from dump

There are two possibilities:

  • Put the dump to /home/usernameOfDockerHost/ilias.tar.gz and add -e restorefromdump="yes" -v /home/usernameOfDockerHost:/data/share to docker run.
  • Run docker cp <containerid>:/home/usernameOfDockerHost/ilias.tar.gz /data/share to copy the dump file from your host to the container.
    Enter a running container with docker exec -it <containerId> /bin/bash and run /data/resources/base/ --src /data/share/ilias.tar.gz

Project's parts

The Base Image contains Apache and an unconfigured Ilias server.

The Configured Ilias contains the Base Image and
the basic configuration (Ilias Settings and MySQL Connection) which you can edit by changing the environment variables,
listed in the Dockerfile.

The Transient MySQL Ilias Image contains the
Configured Ilias and a MySQL Database which will work as an in-memory db. By default it will not save your data to disk.
To save data to disk, mount "/var/lib/mysql" as a volume when you start the container (add -v /var/lib/mysql to docker run).

The Ilias Prod Image contains the
Configured Ilias but no MySQL. You should run the Official MySQL Image for production use.

Admin Login

When setup is completed, login with the following credentials
Username: root
Password: homer

Free HTTPS certificate

This image contains Let's Encrypt.
Install the free certificate as shown here whiledo/letsencrypt-apache-ubuntu/

Change Document Root

By default this image will redirect you to If you want to get your ILIAS on you need to change the document root.
To change the document root create a new Dockerfile which is based on this ILIAS image.
Add sed -i 's|/var/www/html|/var/www/html/ilias|g' /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf to change the document root.
This probably causes conflicts with Let's Encrypt.


If you need Java in your ILIAS installation, run apt-get install -y openjdk-7-jdk in your running container (enter it with docker exec -it containername bash) or Dockerfile

Dockerfile based on this image

Whenever you create a Dockerfile which is based on this image, be sure to add an ENTRYPOINT or default CMD which runs the apache webserver in foreground
FROM whiledo/ilias...
ENTRYPOINT ["apache2ctl", "-D", "FOREGROUND"]

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