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Developer Local Workbench for Docker: Building, Running, & Reporting on Image/Container Pods.
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Building, Running, & Reporting on Image/Container Pods


To facilitate the development of cooperative multicontainer services by extending core Docker® CLI commands to operate on related groups of images/containers managed by the local Docker® Daemon. Facilitation embodies a desire to accelerate the iterative development loop through the efficiency of local file and computing resources, thereby, avoiding the network and service contention delays inherent to remote web interfaces.

Although Docker Inc. provides Compose, a Trusted Build cluster, and GitHub integration that conceptually provide this functionality, some may adopt this tool to:

  • Avoid implementing a private registry and Docker® Trusted Build cluster, especially for small projects.
  • Potentially improve the responsiveness of the development cycle, as all Docker® commands are executed by the local Docker® Daemon, especially, in situations when the public Docker® Trusted Build cluster performance slows due to congestion of build requests or network connectivity issues.
  • Verify the construction of statically dependent images and execution of cooperative containers before committing them to a public index/registry.
  • Maintain a level of "free privacy", as multiple private repositories hosted by Docker® Trusted Build clusters currently incur a monthly fee.


  • Use simple commands like dlw build,dlw run, and dlw images to manage and report on a service composed from multiple cooperating containers.
  • Extend docker build using integrated GNU make facility. For example, employ make to construct all final artifacts in the host file system producing a build context that's simply copied into a container, such as scratch, resulting in a minimally sized container for deployment.
  • Launch and concurrently attach to the terminal interfaces of multiple containers using the terminal multiplex feature of [tmux](
  • Combined tmux, [linux watch]( and reporting commands, like dlw top, to actively monitor the status of multiple containers.
  • Generate Docker® CLI stream including command line arguments stored in a file, using a rudimentary command template.
  • Enhance report generation by associating custom properties to a Docker® image.
  • Track previous versions of images and with single command remove all prior versions and their associated containers, ordering their removal to avoid "Conflict" errors issued by the Docker® Daemon.
  • Enjoy the benefits of delivering and running this tool within a container.
  • Add custom dlw extensions and repair code without changing existing script source.

Install documentation and tutorial available on Github.

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