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Alpine Linux image with nmap, libssl, and cacerts.
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Alpine Linux image with nmap, libssl, and cacerts.


NMAP can sometimes be confusing or invasive to install. For
instance, what if you just want to know if a server can see an open port on
another server? Why install nmap for that when you could just run the following?

$ docker run --rm whiteadam/nmap -Pn -p 80

Starting Nmap 7.12 ( ) at 2016-06-22 19:17 UTC
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up (0.044s latency).
rDNS record for
80/tcp open  http

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.36 seconds

Good news, that port is totally open!


Check Multiple Ports

$ docker run --rm whiteadam/nmap -Pn -p 80,443

Check SSL Ciphers

$ docker run --rm whiteadam/nmap --script ssl-enum-ciphers -p 443

ISUP Script

Are you tired of launching servers and waiting for ssh to become available?
If so, GOOD NEWS! I made a script called isup that will tell you when your server is ready to log into (or at least when the port is open.

Give it a try:

$ docker run --rm whiteadam/nmap isup 80
Waiting for 80 on to become available...
Your server is up!


  • whiteadam/nmap:latest based on alpine:3.4


If you find anything, please open an issue on GitHub

  • There is a known issue that the --trace argument does not work. I'm looking
    into a resolution.


Copyright © 2016 Adam White

All contents licensed under the MIT License

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