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Network-maker is a simple web app for making networks and binding them to templates in the Meraki Dashboard.

Getting started

It's available as a docker container that will host locally on port 3000. After installing docker, simply run:

docker run -p 3000:3000 whitlow/meraki

You should then be able to access it with your browser at http://localhost:3000/config.html

Stuff it does


Setup network-maker by giving it an api key, org id, prefix for network names, and a quantity of how many networks to make. These are all stored in a cookie locally in your browser, so they should be available across restarts of the app.


It currently will make however many networks you tell it, in the org you tell it, with the name prefix you tell, using the api-key you tell.


This will delete EVERY NETWORK in the org - so make sure to use a test org for demos.


Docker is also great for updating containers, you should be able to just do:

docker pull whitlow/meraki

Current behavior

  • networks are now made in batches of 3, so if you ask for 10 - you should get 12
  • it binds to the first template in the org (alphabetically)
  • created networks are wireless networks
  • reset deletes all networks in the org (use a test org)
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