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Juju client boxed up for deployment joy
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Juju Box

Juju Box a docker container project that provides a configured Juju
environment with all the tools you need to work with Juju.

Juju provisions machines, deploy services and orchestrates them into

This container comes with the basic tools you need to get started w/

Note: jujubox does not currently install juju local provider. We hope
to roll something that works like local provider in a container
solution soon.



Install Docker using the package manager for your distro, or

Docker >= 1.4.1 recommended.


Docker does not run natively in OS X, so we'll need to use VirtualBox
and boot2docker. This is relatively easy for users of brew:

brew install cask
brew cask install virtualbox
brew install docker
brew install boot2docker

boot2docker init
boot2docker up

When boot2docker finishes, it will prompt you to export Docker
environment variables. With that done, you're ready to use docker.
You do not need to run the docker commands using sudo because
boot2docker runs as root.

docker run  -ti whitmo/jujubox


Download the Juju Box source from github or the container from


You can clone the repository from github.

git clone && cd jujubox

Or download and install the container directly from

sudo docker run  -ti whitmo/jujubox

To Run

There are two ways to run the docker container, from the github
repository (build from source) or from the container directly from the


From source:

sudo docker build -t jujubox ./
sudo docker run -i -t jujubox:latest


sudo docker run  -ti whitmo/jujubox

If you already have juju installed, run the container using your
existing ${JUJU_HOME} directory (~/.juju):

sudo docker run --rm -v ${JUJU_HOME}:/home/ubuntu/.juju -it whitmo/jujubox


Remember that boot2docker runs as root, so don't use sudo for the docker

docker run -ti whitmo/jujubox

Once it's up

All your usual juju commands should work. You can use Quickstart if
you need to set up your cloud credentials:

juju quickstart -i

Other goodies

Future Direction

We plan to build some containers that support juju local provider to
allow juju to orchestrate lxc containers locally for inception style
disposable architectures.

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