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Hobson smart device automation hub
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What is Hobson?

Hobson is free "hub" or "gateway" software that integrates a wide range of incompatible smart devices together. It provides a common means of control and allows them to interact together in useful ways.

Think of it as an aggregator for the Internet of Things (IoT).

More information is available on the Hobson website.

How to use this image

$ docker run --name hobson -p 8182:8182 -v /some/local/data/dir:/opt/hobson/data -d whizzosoftware/hobson:latest

The Hobson container will write all configuration to the /opt/hobson/data directory. It's recommended to define a data volume mapping it to a local directory (as shown in the above command) so you don't lose your configuration when the container is updated or removed.

Once the container is running, simply navigate to port 8182 with your web browser. For example, if you ran the container locally:

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