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pptpd server
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A simple docker container running pptp vpn server.


docker pull whuwxl/pptpd

Simple Usage

Demonstration ONLY!

Username: username

Password: password

docker run --name pptpd --privileged -d -p 1723:1723 whuwxl/pptpd

Custom Users and Passwords

Write custom username and password to a plain file and mount to container. You can replace 'myname' with your username and replace 'mypass' with your password.

echo "myname * mypass *" >> /chap-secrets
docker run --name pptpd --privileged -d -p 1723:1723 -v /chap-secrets:/etc/ppp/chap-secrets:ro whuwxl/pptpd

Custom Dockerfile

As above, this can be accomplished more cleanly using a simple Dockerfile:

FROM whuwxl/pptpd
COPY chap-secrets /etc/ppp/chap-secrets

Then build with docker build -t one-custom-pptpd . and run:

docker run --name one-pptpd --privileged -d -p 1723:1723 one-custom-pptpd
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2 years ago

I am using this docker in an unRAID setup. It works very well, except when I am on 192.168.0.x networks. In order to fix the issue, I have to manually enter the image and edit the pptpd.conf file to use a different subnet range. Any way you can alter the docker image to export a copy of the pptpd.conf file to the config directory along side the chap-secrets. Also adding a condition for handling a missing chap-secrets/pptpd.conf files (ie: first boot) and generate the file in the externally linked config directory? BTW, I know this was posted a while ago and you probably don't have the time / desire to mess with it at this point, but it would be greatly appreciated if you do.