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Whybug Server


  • Nodejs 4.x and npm
  • Elasticsearch
  • Mysql


Local on OSX via docker

For development it is best to start the node application on the host and
and access all dependencies in docker. This requires docker-machine and
docker-compose to be installed.

# start everything up

Manual installation

First install all required software, then run:

git clone
cd whybug-server

# Copy the file `.env.example` to `.env` and change required settings.
# For a complete list of available environment variables, see `config/config.js`.
cp .env.example .env

# Start a server with hot reloading enabled
npm start



Useful commands:

  • npm start starts the development environment, go to
  • npm run build:frontend creates build files in ./build for production
  • npm run build:server creates build file in ./build for production
  • npm test runs tests
  • npm run knex migrate:latest run all migrations
  • npm run knex migrate:rollback undo latest migration
  • npm run knex migrate:make [migration_name] creates a new migration


There is a docker image available, for an example usage see
whybug-rancher .

  • docker run -p 8000:8000 -i run whybug-server image
  • docker pull get the latest image
  • docker build -t . build image locally


  • Controller

    A Controller is a component that contains logic and fetch data, also
    called a smart components while a others are a dump component,
    receiving all data via properties.

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