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Official centos with openssh, with root password
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Official centos with openssh

with root password


Create Container

docker run -d -P --name test_centos_ssh whylu/centos6.6-ssh

-P for auto expose ports (22 is used for ssh)

-d for Run container in background and print container ID

--name for assign container name

You can specify root password by using -e ROOT_PW=${password}, like

docker run -d -P -e ROOT_PW=password --name test_centos_ssh whylu/centos6.6-ssh

Find root password and port

docker logs test_centos_ssh
docker port test_centos_ssh

Ssh into container

ssh -p ${port} root@

Alittle note for create container

docker run -d -P \
  -v /etc/sysconfig/clock:/etc/sysconfig/clock:ro \
  -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
  -e ROOT_PW=${password} \
  --name ${containername} \

-v /etc/sysconfig/clock:/etc/sysconfig/clock:ro for TIMEZONE sync with host

-v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro for clock time sync with host

:ro for read only

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