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A Simple and Slim Apache/PHP image using Alpine Linux for Web Apps
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A simple and slim apache/php docker image using Alpine Linux


docker build --no-cache -t [image-name]:latest .


Environment Variables


Specify the web app root to a folder inside your website code, for example: public/.


Specify the user id which apache will use to execute its child processes, useful for development mode.

Development mode

Development mode will let you mount a folder containing your website inside the container, and be able to do live changes to code while the container is running, in order for this to work the WEBAPP_USER_ID env variable most be set to the user owning that folder (id -u will return that id in linux).

docker run --name=webapp -v /path/to/webapp:/app -e WEBAPP_USER_ID=$(id -u) -p 80:80 [image-name]:latest

The document root can be customized by using an env variable WEBAPP_ROOT to specify a subfolder containing the document app root.

docker run --name=webapp -e "WEBAPP_ROOT=[Web app root if any, ex. public/]" -v /path/to/webapp:/app -e WEBAPP_USER_ID=$(id -u) -p 80:80 [image-name]:latest

Tested only in linux, user permissions may not work in windows envs.

Production mode

Build a new docker container using this one as base and copy the contents of your web site:

FROM wichon/alpine-apache-php:latest

COPY . /app


In development mode, this container will change the ownership of all your files inside /path/to/webapp to the user id running the container.

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