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Run devpi on your OpenShift platform
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OpenShift devpi

This repository contains a dockerized version of devpi
to be used on OpenShift by running as a non-priviledged user.


docker run -v $(pwd)/mnt:/mnt -p 3141:3141 -it widerin/openshift-devpi:latest

Environment variables

  • DEVPI_PASSWORD: devpi creates a user named root by default, its password
    can be set with this environment variable.
  • DEVPI_MIRROR_CACHE_EXPIRY: Default to 86400 which is one day. Cache expiry time.

Create on openshift

oc login https://<your-master-node>:8443
oc new-project devpi
oc create -f openshift/deployment.yaml
oc create -f openshift/service.yaml

If you want to expose your devpi server you have to create a route.

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