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gitlab-autoscale-runner creates an autoscale runner for gitlab.
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Warning: This is an early alpha version without commitment for backwards compatibility.

gitlab-autoscale-runner is a docker container specialized in creating an autoscale runner for gitlab. The default settings are geared towards creating a runner that allows building docker images. The first runner is automatically created and registered to the gitlab server.

Environment Variables

Here are some of the relevant Environment Variables.

Name Default Description
CONFIG_FILE /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml Path to config file
CI_SERVER_URL The CI endpoint of gitlab
CONCURRENT 20 Hard limit of maximum number of machines running concurrently
REGISTRATION_TOKEN - The Runners Registration Token
RUNNER_NAME Autoscale Runner Name of Runner
RUNNER_LIMIT 1 Maximum number of machines fors this Runner
MACHINE_NAME gitlab-autoscale-%s Naming scheme for the VMs
MACHINE_MAX_BUILDS 100 Maximum builds until a machine is delete
MACHINE_IDLE_COUNT 0 Number of permanent idling hosts
MACHINE_IDLE_TIME 600 Seconds after which an idling host is deleted
MACHINE_DRIVER - Docker Machine driver e.g: 'digitalocean', 'google', 'aws', ...
DOCKER_IMAGE docker:latest Default image to run builds
DOCKER_PULL_POLICY always Image Pull Policy
DOCKER_PRIVILEGED true Privileged is required to run docker builds. Attention: Only allow trusted builds to run on this runner when this is true
CACHE_TYPE - Currently only s3 is supported for caching
S3_SERVER_ADDRESS Address of S3-compactible endpoint
S3_ACCESS_KEY - S3 Credentials
S3_SECRET_KEY - S3 Credentials
S3_BUCKET_NAME - Name of Bucket in S3
S3_BUCKET_LOCATION - Region of Bucket in S3
S3_CACHE_INSECURE false If true use http instead of https
DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN - Access Token for creating VMs on DigitalOcean
DIGITALOCEAN_REGION nyc3 Region to run Droplets in
DIGITALOCEAN_SIZE 512mb Size of Droplets
DIGITALOCEAN_IMAGE coreos-beta Disk image of Droplets
DIGITALOCEAN_SSH_USER core SSH user to connect to Droplets
GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS - If set docker machine will look for credentials at specified path, otherwise it will use credentials from metadata. Read more here.
GOOGLE_PROJECT - Google Project ID
GOOGLE_ZONE us-central1-a Zone to provision the VM
GOOGLE_MACHINE_TYPE f1-micro Type of machine to provision
GOOGLE_MACHINE_IMAGE projects/coreos-cloud/global/images/family/coreos-beta Machine Image ID
GOOGLE_SCOPES Scopes of provisioned machines
GOOGLE_DISK_SIZE 10 Size of Disk in GB
GOOGLE_DISK_TYPE pd-standard Disk type of ephermal disk
GOOGLE_USERNAME core Username to connect to the VM
GOOGLE_USE_INTERNAL_IP false Use internal IP when connecting to VM
GOOGLE_TAGS gitlab-autoscale Tags to be attached to the VMs
GOOGLE_PREEMPTIBLE false Use preemtible VMs


For persistance you need to put the config file in a persistant volume. The config file if run as root is specified using the CONFIG_FILE Environment Variable otherwise it is saved to ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml.


Start runner using GCE

docker run -e CI_SERVER_URL= \
           -e MACHINE_DRIVER=google \
           -e GOOGLE_PROJECT=my-project \
           -e GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/etc/credentials.json \
           -v $(pwd)/credentials.json:/etc/credentials.json \

Start runner using DigitalOcean

docker run -e CI_SERVER_URL= \
           -e MACHINE_DRIVER=digitalocean \

Update Config

# When running as non-root
docker exec -it CONTAINER vi /home/gitlab-runner/.gitlab-runner/config.toml

# When running as root
docker exec -it CONTAINER vi /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml

Add additional Runner

docker exec CONTAINER /bin/bash -c "RUNNER_NAME='My Runner' RUNNER_LIMIT=1"

Docker Hub

Automated build is available at the Docker Hub.


  • Integrate and document AWS driver.
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