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Automated SubtitleSeeker and Addic7ed download script for TV-Series.
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Docker auto-sub bootstrap bill

This is a Dockerfile to setup

Build from docker file

$ git clone
$ cd auto-sub
$ docker build -t wilcoe/auto-sub .

You can also obtain it with:

docker pull wilcoe/auto-sub

Instructions to run:

/storage/media/tvseriers is the location of your tvseries on your server

$ docker run -d --name="auto-sub" -v /storage/media/tvseries:/tv -p 8083:8083 wilcoe/auto-sub

Start the docker instance and it will stay as a daemon and listen on port 8083.

Browse to: http://*ipaddress*:8083

When you get: Something went wrong when traversing directory
Then check with:

find /storage/media/tvseries | perl -ne 'print if /[^[:ascii:]]/'

And rename files which are showing up

to access the container please use

docker exec -it container_id /bin/bash
Docker Pull Command
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a year ago

Hi, how can I update the container to the latest (BenjV) github version?

2 years ago

Hi kiefdelicious,
Yes, thats the way i run this on my home server.

going to change the documentation, thanks

2 years ago

If you mount "/opt/auto-sub/" to a file in your file-system, you also have your configuration outside the docker package.

-v /storage/config-location/