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Oracle Java 8 image for Docker
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Repository name in Docker Hub: williamyeh/java8

This repository contains Dockerized Java 1.8, published to the public Docker Hub via automated build mechanism.


This docker image contains the following software stack:

  • OS: Debian jessie (built from debian:jessie).

  • Java: Oracle JDK 1.8.0_31-b13


Why yet another Java image for Docker?

There has been quite a few Java images for Docker (e.g., search in the Docker Hub), so why reinvent the wheel?

In the beginning I used the pulse00/java. It worked well, but left some room for improvement:

  • Base OS image - It was built from stackbrew/ubuntu:13.10, which may not be the smallest one. On the other hand, debian:jessie, as recommended in this article, worth a try.

  • Unnecessary dependencies - It installed, at the very beginning of its Dockerfile, the software-properties-common package, which in turns installed some Python3 packages. I prefered to incorporate these stuff only when absolutely needed.

Therefore, I built this Docker image on my own, also as an exercise.



   $ docker pull williamyeh/java8


Used mostly as a base image for other Java-based applications. But if you'd like to use the CLI, here are some examples for you.

Run java

$ docker run --rm williamyeh/java8

Run javac

$ docker run -it --rm williamyeh/java8 javac

Dig into container

$ docker run -it williamyeh/java8 bash
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