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Docker powered multilanguage online judge (Web interface)
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Grader server Docker image

You probably want to use the compose file as this
does not include other required services.

Run with

sudo docker run -e SECRET=randomstring -e \
    -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=hackme \
    -v /path/to/store:/data \
    -p 8080:80 willwill/grader

Environment variables

These variables will be put into Python string without escaping, so make sure
quotation marks (") are escaped.

  • SECRET: required grader runner secret communication token (any random string)
  • SECRET_KEY: Django's SECRET_KEY. Will be randomized on start if you didn't set one.
  • DATABASE_URL: Database URL to connect. Defaults to sqlite:///data/db.sqlite
  • ALLOWED_HOST: Allowed Host headers to connect. Set to your production URL.
    Defaults to localhost and debug mode will be enabled
  • BEANSTALK: Beanstalkd IP or hostname. Defaults to which is probably invalid.
  • BEANSTALK_PORT: Beanstalkd port. Defaults to 11300
  • REGISTER_ALLOWED: Set to false to disable register.
  • ADMIN_USERNAME: Admin user to create, defaults to admin
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD: Admin password to create, if left blank no admin user will be created
  • ADMIN_EMAIL: Admin email to create, defaults to empty.
  • WAIT_FOR_IT: Run wait-for-it with the given arguments.


Mount /data to store your uploaded files. Also the default configuration will store a sqlite file there.

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