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PyPI server and packaging/testing/release tool
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My based Dockerfile

This is all my based Dockerfile for my works. Each directory means each Docker Image that will automated build on my Docker Hub account.

Feel free to send pull request, add comment or open issue.

Speed up local build

All my base Dockerfile come with build argument that can speed up local build

  • APT_CACHER_NG available on all Dockerfile
  • DEVPI_SERVER only available on ansible-docker, devpi-server and uwsgi-python2

When build you just specify --build-arg to your own apt-cacher-ng and devpi-server

# Building uwsgi-python2
docker build --build-arg APT_CACHER_NG= \
  --build-arg DEVPI_SERVER= \
  -t winggundamth/uwsgi-python2 uwsgi-python2

Don't forget that if you specify the argument that does not exist in Dockerfile. The build will fail.

Run your own local apt-cacher-ng server on your build station

You can run apt-cacher-ng container to cache apt-get downloaded packages by running command

# Remove if you want anyone can access this
docker run -d -p --name=apt-cacher-ng \
  --hostname=apt-cacher-ng --restart=unless-stopped \

Then when build you can use --build-arg APT_CACHER_NG=

Run your own local devpi server on your build station

Also you can run devpi-server container to cache downloaded packages from pip install

# Remove if you want anyone can access this
docker run -d -p --name=devpi-server \
  --hostname=devpi-server --restart=unless-stopped \

Then when build you can use --build-arg DEVPI_SERVER=

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