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An easy to scale WordPress
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An Easy to Scale Vanilla WordPress

Getting WordPress to scale in docker swarm mode is a fairly complex feat.

This repository serves as a template to get you started. Fork it, modify it and then deploy it.


  • Updating or adding plugins to a deployment is easy and straightforward
  • Galera cluster for the database
  • Auto configuration of memcached
  • Memcached and Batcache
  • Passwords stored in secrets
  • Production ready
  • Traefik load balancer

Adding plugins and themes

Simply update the list in deploy_phase_4.yml or docker-compose.yml and redeploy


This is based on lots of information around the web:


This is only meant to be deployed on Docker 1.13+ swarm mode.

Docker Swarm

Deploying with Docker Swarm for the first time:

From the root of the repo, run swarm/, the output should look similar to:

Creating secret blog_xtrabackup_password
Creating secret blog_SECURE_AUTH_SALT
Creating secret blog_NONCE_SALT
Creating secret blog_AUTH_KEY
Creating secret blog_LOGGED_IN_SALT
Creating secret blog_LOGGED_IN_KEY
Creating secret blog_mysql_root_password
Creating secret blog_NONCE_KEY
Creating secret blog_AUTH_SALT
Creating secret blog_mysql_password
Creating secret blog_SECURE_AUTH_KEY
Creating network blog_default
Creating service blog_seed
Waiting for blog_seed
1 of 1 up
Creating service blog_node
Waiting for blog_node
1 of 2 up
2 of 2 up
blog_node scaled to 3
Waiting for blog_node
3 of 3 up
blog_seed scaled to 0
Waiting for blog_seed
Creating service blog_memcached
Waiting for blog_memcached
2 of 2 up
Creating service blog_phpsysinfo
Waiting for blog_phpsysinfo
1 of 1 up
Creating service blog_master
Waiting for blog_master
1 of 1 up
Creating service blog_wordpress
Waiting for blog_wordpress
2 of 2 up
Creating service blog_traefik
Waiting for blog_traefik
1 of 1 up

If you'd like to enable developer mode (single node swarm only) -- run swarm/ from the root of the repo.

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