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Couchbase Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of Couchbase for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.
Couchbase requires a lot of (over 100) ports to be open due to the baked-in master-master replication, so running the container with --net="host" is recommended. It is also required to know the IP address of the first machine in the cluster via the COUCHBASE_SERVER env variable.

Base Docker Image & Size

Usage docker run

  • First server in the cluster

    --net="host" -e COUCHBASE_USER=admin -e COUCHBASE_PASS=password -d aminjam/couchbase cluster-init
  • Other servers in the cluster (assuming the first server has the IP of

    --net="host" -e COUCHBASE_USER=admin -e COUCHBASE_PASS=password -e COUCHBASE_SERVER= -d aminjam/couchbase rebalance

w/ persistent/shared directory

-v <data-dir>:/home/app --net="host" -e COUCHBASE_USER=admin -e COUCHBASE_PASS=password -e COUCHBASE_DATA=/home/app -d aminjam/couchbase cluster-init

Running any cli command

  • couchbase-cli example

    docker run --rm aminjam/couchbase couchbase-cli server-info -c -u admin -p password
  • cbdocloader example for loading into couchbase

    docker run --rm aminjam/couchbase cbdocloader -n -u admin -p password -b beer-sample /opt/couchbase/samples/
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