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Wizard LISP Interpreter
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Warning: this is pre-pre-release software. It is presently not fit
for any purpose. WizardSportz Wizard LISP Alpha Release is Scheduled
for Friday, May 8th before 23:59.

Microsoft Windows Installation

  1. Download the correct Visual C++ Redistributable package for your
  2. The default Windows terminal emulator is no good. We suggest
    "Console" instead. Get a copy here:
  3. Unzip the archive to somewhere convenient.
  4. Download the latest binary:
  5. Put the Wizard LISP binary in the folder where you extracted
  6. Run Console, and type wizardlisp.exe to start.
  7. To quit, type (quit).

GNU/Linux Build Instructions

  1. Make sure you have git, GNU GCC G++, and GNU Make.
  2. Clone the repository: git clone
  3. Change directory to interp: cd interp.
  4. Run make.
  5. Run make clean.
  6. To start the REPL, run ./wizardlisp
  7. To quit, type (quit).

While You Wait

This program finds the nth Fibonacci number.

(define fib
  (lambda (n)
    (if (eq? n 0)
        (if (eq? n 1)
            (add (fib (sub n 1))
                  (fib (sub n 2)))))))

But our reader doesn't support multi line programs yet, so here it is
on one line:

(define fib (lambda (n) (if (eq? n 0) 0 (if (eq? n 1) 1 (add (fib (sub n 1)) (fib (sub n 2)))))))

Paste that into the REPL to define the fib function.
Now call it like this:

> (fib 5)
> (fib 10)
> (fib 15)
> (fib 20)
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