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Tomcat with LabKey Server installed.
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This image includes LabKey and all of it's default modules, configured to run against PostgreSQL. The server listens on port 8080 at the root by default, and uses the jdbc.user, jdbc.pass, and jdbc.url java properties to indicate the username, password, and URL to connect to the postgres datastore.

The LabKey docbase is /usr/local/labkey/labkeyWebapp, with a soft link pointing from labkeywebapp to labkeyWebapp.
On startup, any *.module files in /LabKey/sources/build/dist/ (if that directory exists) will be copied to /usr/local/labkey/modules.

The tag versioning scheme is "[branchName]-[svnRevision]". "Trunk" is treated as a branch name in this scheme.

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