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Web Content Management System, Version 4.0
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The main emphasis of WCM is the database supported management of web content. WCM is a so-called LAMP system, this means that a computer running Linux is serving an Apache web server and a MySQL data base management system which are programmed using the Perl script interpreter for the generation of dynamic web sites. The program code and application data are both stored in the tables of the data base. The programming of such a web sites - as well as its use - is done via a web browser.

WCM started off being a private technology study. The author just wanted to understand how a CGI script works together with a data base. Soon the potential of such a combination of tools was recognized, long before he found the abbreviation LAMP on the Internet. The idea was not new, even a term had been shaped for this technology.

After the pure technology study WCM was used for a number of applications whereof PMST (project management support tools) is the noblest one. In the framework of projects a large number information pieces need to be recorded and accessed by a large number of participating people and best at the same time. WCM is the perfect solution for this task. A web browser which is the standard tool on every computer is the only prerequisite which is needed.


WCM provides the following features for web-based programming of dynamic web applications:

  • Security system
  • Definition of relational data base models for any non-trivial application
  • Definition of Perl scripts
  • Use of Ajax technology including the Dojo Toolkit
  • Running of SQL statements
  • Definition of HTML Templates (based on Perl Template Toolkit)
  • Definition of common layout features and parameters of a web site
  • Storage of arbitrary files
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