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Short Description
rtorrent-flood, the combination of an awesome BitTorrent client and an awesome WebUI.
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Main features

  • Based on Alpine Linux.
  • rTorrent and libtorrent are compiled from source.
  • Provides by default a solid configuration.
  • Filebot is included, and creates symlinks in /data/Media.
  • Flood, a modern web UI for rTorrent with a Node.js backend and React frontend.

Build-time variables

  • RTORRENT_VER : rtorrent version
  • LIBTORRENT_VER : libtorrent version
  • MEDIAINFO_VER : libmediainfo version
  • FILEBOT_VER : filebot version
  • BUILD_CORES : number of cores used during build

Environment variables

  • UID : user id (default : 991)
  • GID : group id (defaut : 991)
  • FLOOD_SECRET : flood secret key (defaut : mysupersecretkey) (CHANGE IT)
  • CONTEXT_PATH : context path (base_URI) (default : /)
  • RTORRENT_SCGI : SCGI port (default : 0 for use local socket)
  • PKG_CONFIG_PATH : /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig (don't touch)


Run this container with tty mode enabled. In your docker-compose.yml, add tty: true. If you don't do this, rtorrent will use 100% of CPU.



  • latest : latest versions of rTorrent/libtorrent.
  • Use $RTORRENT_VER-$LIBTORRENT_VER to get specific versions of rTorrent/libtorrent.


  • /data : your downloaded torrents, session files, symlinks...
  • /flood-db : Flood databases.
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Comments (2)
4 days ago

Hi, thank you for your great job !
However, when I create a container with this command :
"docker create --name=flood -e VERSION=latest -v /dock/flood/data:/disk/hd_1/flood -v /dock/flood/flood-db:/flood-db -e FLOOD_SECRET=##KEY## -p 49184:49184 -p 3000:3000 wonderfall/rtorrent-flood"
I can't access to the website, it returns "connection failed"
I didn't modify anything in the docker's conf, and if I run "docker ps -a" it's not showing any ports.
Thank you very much for your help!

a month ago

Your docker is excellent! It's the first docker that get rTrorrent running on my Syno Nas. Quick question though. How can i configure filebot, and the rpc path? (so it works with sonarr / Radarr)?