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Docker Registry (private)

This uses the registry as a base and adds basic auth via Nginx. Note that you should provide your own SSL


To run a private registry,

docker run -i -t wonderlic/docker-private-registry-etcd


To add users, you must add the htpasswd hash to etcd like this:

curl -L -v -X PUT http://$ETCD_ENDPOINT/v2/keys/registry/users/username -d value=$(htpasswd -nb username password)


  • REGISTRY_NAME: Custom name for registry (used when prompted for auth)


  • 80

Running on S3

To run with Amazon S3 as the backing store, you will need the following environment variables:

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: Your AWS Access Key ID (make sure it has S3 access)
  • AWS_SECRET_KEY: Your AWS Secret Key
  • S3_BUCKET: Your S3 bucket to store images
  • SETTINGS_FLAVOR: This must be set to prod
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